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Bio / artist statement


I come from a long line of creative people.  

My family includes artists, makers, musicians, and writers.

I was still crawling when I first picked up a crayon and started 'drawing'.  

My mother's friend proclaimed "the baby is going to be an artist".     


My educational background is in art, music, and design.

I attended college on a music scholarship and pursued art along with general studies.  

I apprenticed in many creative jobs during  those years learning to design

and assemble custom light fixtures, assist in residential electrical installation,

and as an interior designer and color consultant.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Design Institute.

My 'art' outlet became my interior design projects.  

Many years and creative projects later I found myself back in a class

that prompted me to pull my art supplies out again.  

I am currently working with a mix media process that includes acrylic, ink, and oil pastel.  

I love the way I can build layers and depth with the mixture.

When I design & space plan I work with dimensions and drafting.  

With my art, measurements no longer hold me.  

I get to be messy and allow the process to flow.  

I enjoy the balance of the two.  


                             Jlorene's  current works combine her love of the contemplative/spiritual aspects of life.  

                             She is an award winning instructor and interior designer with projects in California,                                                                Arizona and Hawaii.





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